Granite Countertops

Waypoint Cabinetry

Sentimental Transformation- Garnet Valley, PA

Before   After   This kitchen is a total 180! After inheriting the house from her parents this homeowner was ready to refresh the look and function of this dated kitchen. With so many memories and personal stories in this space it was importance to keep the essence in an updated way. We used Waypoint …

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Masters of Great Seams

Why are some seams noticeable and some nearly invisible? Three different factors affect how invisible or how noticeable a stone countertop’s seam appears. 1) Width of Seam 2.) Grain Match 3) Glue color match.  Width of Seam It might look like “fat seams” are not touching each other and the glue is simply filling the …

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Granite Selection

Selecting your granite Granite Countertops add beauty and value to any home. They are functional and easy to maintain. That is why granite has been the most popular choice year after year. Our Kitchen Process will walk you through the five easy steps to get granite installed in your kitchen.

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