Why Stone Masters

Why Choose Stone Masters?

Choose Stone Masters because we build quality into the process. You won’t be disappointed. Whether you just need cabinetry, or just counter-tops or perhaps just an update of your tile, Stone Masters can do what you need or execute the whole kitchen or bathroom remodel for you. Subbing out nothing, we can do everything you need. We have it on display so you can see and feel before you decide. Come see for yourself.


Our whole business is a proven system designed to produce and install stone on time, accurately, and affordably…every time.


Each step of the way, every person who touches your job is rewarded for exceeding expectations. Our employees are like family. They’re the best in their fields and they are compensated for it! Sales people, templators, fabricators, and installers are incentivized to produce flawless quality.


Mistakes will not be ignored. Quality control engineers inspect each piece at every step of the process. Stone Masters has the best stone and fabrication equipment.  Turnaround time is among the fastest in the industry, just 7-10 business days from template/DSLO to installation. S.M.I. is home of the tightest seams in the industry. We operate a clean, safe and tight facility. We are OSHA compliant, certified and fully insured. All of this ensures that you are working with the best.

The Real Question

So the question isn’t “Why pick Stone Masters?”.  The real question is “Why go anywhere else?”


We are the actual stone fabricator for your counter-tops. We are your licensed master plumber. We are your carpenters. We do our own demo. We are your tile guy. We sub-out nothing. Home Depot and Lowes sub out 100% of any in home service you buy from them. You never get the owner on the phone at the big box store. You will here at Stone Masters! In fact, the owners will likely show up on your job site. Most competitors sub-out the vast majority of what your paying for… and they mark it up! Lots of middlemen, lots of mark up. And you don’t know the people they subbed it out too! We’re OSHA certified. We are rated at 4.9 on Facebook, 4.7 stars on Google reviews, with over 315 reviews. We have earned over 150 reviews on Angie’s List rated “A”. And finally, over 90 reviews on Houzz and we are rated a 4.7 star company.




Sawn Cut Seam

(Most Competitors)

CNC Seam


Stone Masters

(Proprietary Seam)

See how counters are made.  When your project requires more than these services, we can provide general contracting services for you.

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