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Dan DiTomaso

My favorite part about running Stone Masters is the stone. I love the stone. In fact, I am passionate about stone. Everyone who works with it is too. That is because it is stunningly beautiful. You never get tired of its beauty.

Just recently, I was asked by an interviewee, “What was my favorite thing about Stone Masters Inc.?” I had never been asked before, and I never thought about it but I found the words just came spilling out; “the stone”. If I was pressed for my favorite stone, it would have to be soapstone. That is the beauty of it. There is not right or wrong stone….only your favorite stone!

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Stone Masters is a kitchen remodeling & stone fabrication facility and showroom


Stone Masters Inc. is the highest quality counter-top fabrication company in the greater Philadelphia/Wilmington Delaware area. For 18 years, we listen to the needs of our customers and provide them high quality products and services. We are the actual stone fabricator for your counter-tops. We are your licensed master plumber. We do our own demo. We are your tile guy.

We sub-out nothing. Home Depot and Lowes sub out 100% of any in home service you buy from them. You never get the owner on the phone at the big box store. You will here at Stone Masters! In fact, the owners will likely show up on your job site. Most competitors sub-out the vast majority of what your paying for… and they mark it up! Lots of middlemen, lots of mark up. And you don’t know the people they subbed it out too! We’re OSHA certified. We are rated at 4.8 stars on Google reviews, with over 540 reviews. We are rated 4.8 on Facebook with over 164 reviews. We have earned over 150 reviews on Angie’s List rated “A”. And finally, over 104 reviews on Houzz and we are rated a 4.8 star company.


You win with extensive experience. We’ve installed over 850,000 square foot of stone to date! We offer guidance and support focused upon the best possible results, at the best possible price.


Also, we are family owned and operated. S.M.I. stands behind our craftsmanship and we guarantee complete satisfaction. You deserve all three… price, quality and service.

Why Stone Masters

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Choose us because we build quality into our process. Therefore, we will not disappoint you.  And, our business is a proven system. As a result, our systems will accurately produce and then install on time, every time with affordability in mind.

Empowered Quality Every Step

Each and every employee is rewarded for exceeding job expectations. Our employees are like family. They are the best in their fields. So, we train and give incentives to our sales people, templators, fabricators, and installers to produce quality. Mistakes are made, but not ignored. And, we have equipped our facilities with the best stone and fabrication equipment. All of this, ensures that you are working with the best.

We work together!

You Benefit From Our History

Our Story

Today, Stone Masters is family owned and operated by Dan and Ann Marie DiTomaso. I am Dan and this is how we became Stone Masters Inc.

The Beginning

Back in the 90’s  when Ann Marie and I started to remodel our own kitchen. We wanted granite. But, there were only 2 or 3 places and they were not friendly at all. In fact, they were demanding to know who our kitchen designer or builder was before they would even talk to us about stone! Still, we needed to select stone slabs.  Back then, there was the Yellow Pages and no internet. After a lot of searching we ended up at Lowes, only to be sent to a local fabrication facility. Unfortunately, they had a very limited and cramped slab selection. So, we thought to ourselves, “there must be a better way”.

Before we were in the stone business Dan and Ann Marie were buying, renovating and selling houses. And, all of the houses got granite kitchens and tile bathrooms. Dan would fabricate the stone counters and set the tile himself.  Red Barn Repairs is the name of this company.  Finally, Ann Marie would find, stage and sell those houses. We renovated scores of our own houses and got better at it with each passing home. Dan bought more and more stone working tools until we were fully equipped and started to do this for other people who saw our work. Pretty soon home buyers who saw our houses asked us to do the home they were selling to make it more marketable. And, on and on…

Feel Good Buying From “The Green Company”

Recycled and Green

The Stone Masters factory uses over 12 million gallons of recycled water per year in the manufacturing of our counter-tops. Hence, we maintain our on-site water recycling equipment. As a result, there is a combination of reverse osmosis, mechanical, cyclonic and gravity filtration to clean then reuse the water in our facility.

Environmentally Stewardship

All used cardboard, plastic and metal wastes are recycled in our recycling program. Plus, our new stone storage building was purpose built to make the maximum use of natural lighting via a 132 foot by 4 foot translucent light panel. So, free natural light eliminates 100% of energy waste during the day. This is supplemental to our electric overhead lighting. As you know, natural light can’t be beat for viewing true colors of stone slabs.

Meet Your Personal Remodeling Team!

  • Felipe – CNC operations.
  • Jose – Fabrication
  • Danny, Caden – Installation
  • Karlene – Sales
  • Chelsea – Showroom Manager
  • Ann Marie – Sales Manager
  • Brandon, – General Manager
  • Alan– Digital Templating
  • Shannon -Install Manager
  • Cristolbol – Sawjet and Material Management
  • Caden – Material Handling, CNC, Install
  • Sarah – Scheduling & Estimating Manager.
  • Dave – Accounting & Safety Officer

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