Santa Cecelia Granite Countertops

Santa Cecelia Granite Countertops

Santa Cecelia is a beautiful Brazilian granite that has a rich cream color background with black veins and red inclusions (mineral deposits).

Being a fabricator I closely inspect and select bundles and containers of stone. This stone “Santa Cecelia” looks very different each time I see it. Sometimes the quarry cross cuts the block producing a very different look.

Many different quarries in the region produce a stone commercially marketing as Santa Cecelia. Even stone quarried from the same quarry varies depending upon where in the quarry the block comes from.

This is frustrating for consumers who see a slab of “Santa Cecelia” that they like and will go perfectly with their project only to see the stone somewhere else and it looks nothing like the last slab they saw. Shopping for price after making your stone selection is nearly impossible because the slabs vary so much from one slab yard to another.

I suffer the same thing when selecting bundles from various importers. One importer calls the stone Santa Cecelia another calls it Amber Yellow while a third calls it ORO Brazil. With different names, cuts and so many quarries producing stones that are admittedly very similar this makes it difficult for consumers and fabrications to select a stone and have it fit our vision or expectation against a sample.

When you find the stone you like with the right colors and veins you have to put your money down and commit to it because it may not be available or “already sold” if you go home to think about it. Unfortunately that is the case for the buyers of containers, bundles or slabs of Santa Cecelia.

As far as a stone goes for use in counter-tops, Santa Cecelia is a great stone. easy to maintain, and resistant to chips, scratches and stains. If you like the pattern and colors, this is a nice stone choice for granite counter-tops.

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