Plumbing Service for Kitchen Remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen with a new cabinet layout, sometimes the “rough-in” plumbing needs to be relocated. 

We have a licensed master plumber on staff to oversee plumbing done correctly and to code.

This keeps schedules on time. We make no excuses about the sub-contracted guy who is stuck on another job or simply not available when needed.

Flat Rate Service Packages

For convenience we offer flat rates for bundles of plumbing the most frequently needed when getting new counter-tops. For example kitchen sink, faucet, garbage disposer and dish-washer, including new shutoff valves, traps and supply lines at a flat rate.

Popular Options

We can add $ to reconnect a refrigerator’s  ice maker. Also we can install or reconnect an insta-hot or under counter water purification system (electrical not included)

Not Included in Flat Rate Bundles

Please know that these popular plumbing re-connection bundles do not include any “rough-in” or relocation of “rough-in”. Rough in are the pipes behind the wall or below the floor of the cabinets. Flat rate plumbing bundles are for re-connecting to existing “rough-in plumbing”. Additional services are available to re-connect existing cook-tops, ovens or warmers that are propane or natural gas. Conversion of new appliances from natural gas to LP gas. If your job requires this, the orifices to do so must be onsite from the manufacturer.


A 1-year limited warranty applies to all plumbing work performed. Failure of a device or material is the responsibility.

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