Emerstone Quartz

Trending Emerstone Quartz Colors

Right now, the trending colors are whites and grays. The Emerstone Quartz collection contains the most “marble look colors” and solid grays.  These are the colors in high demand right now. Stone Masters has samples of the entire collection. And, full slabs of the most popular colors are on display.  Plus, the Emerstone’s website has even more detailed information and photos about their full quartz collection.


Quartz counter-tops bring exceptional value to homeowners.  For almost a decade Emerstone has been a favorite for builders and contractors.  As a result, Emerstone quartz is a high value quartz product. And, it has a low price point. Plus, it is very competitive due to its efficient distribution model.  Emerstone is manufactured overseas and imported to the USA.

Low Or No Maintenance Emerstone Quartz

All quartz counter-tops share many of the same benefits and features. And, Emerstone quartz is extremely stain and scratch resistant.  Plus, there is another really cool advantage to quartz. That is to say it is a no maintenance counter-top because, sealer is never required! And, quartz is very chip, scratch resistant and durable. We know, you will enjoy your quartz for many years to come. Finally, these attributes apply to all brands of quartz so relax and enjoy your home. In summary, be worry free with your counter-tops.

Local Company

Emgee Stone started in Lakewood New Jersey as a natural stone importer.  However, the owner is a Brazilian man who imported stones from Brazil, Italy and India. When Stone Masters started doing business with Emgee Stone, initially, it was granite that traded hands.  Over time, the market changed and quartz became a significant part of both businesses.  In the beginning, the quartz was traded under the name Select.  As the market matured, the name Emerstone seemed a better fit. Lastly, Emerstone quartz is imported and warehoused in Lakewood New Jersey.  Slabs are trucked in to Stone Masters several times per week.

Popular Colors

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