Soapstone Sink

Soapstone Sink Specifications

You write the specifications, when having a soapstone sink made just for you.

Whether the soapstone sink is to be a farm sink or an under-mount sink for your kitchen project, you specify the length, width, and depth.

Plus you specify the number of basins and drain position. Then we make the sink!


This is a finely crafted soapstone sink with a pitched bottom, lapped joint construction, chemical biscuits joinery and recessed strainer basket of the highest quality available. Let us help you design your sink to be sure it fits your cabinet and is supported properly. Double bowl 50/50 and offset designs available as well as “apron style farm sinks”.

Material Selections

All sinks are expertly crafted of the soapstone material of your choice (Amazonas Black aka P.A. soapstone)  Barocca,  Bateias, Bininha, or Margarida) to match your counter top. As always, a 40 Sf minimum to cut a slab or we can cut from an available remnant. All dimensions are “outside” dimensions of a slab made sink.

Custom Made to order Lap Joint Soapstone Sinks – Dimensions and Prices:   | all dimensions are “outside” dimensions | 3 week lead time

27″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $ 795

30″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $ 850

33″ x 18.5″x 10″  $ 895

36″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $ 995

We also offer a But joint or (slab built) sink. It has a pitched bottom just like the Lap-Joint sink and is similar to what competitors offer. They are ready to receive a garbage disposal, conversely they will need a thick gate Kohler strainer if you not using a garbage disposer.

Our ready-made Soapstone Sinks are less expensive than our custom sinks which are made to order, due to waste and freight efficiencies.

Ready Made But Joint Soapstone Sink – Dimensions and Prices:  |  all dimensions are “outside” dimensions | In-stock and ready to go today

27″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $550

30″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $600

33″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $650

36″ x 18.5″ x 10″ $700

All soapstone sinks require a chrome on brass high quality Kohler strainer, to accommodate the stone thickness.

We have the largest & widest variety of soapstone slabs for countertops to choose from, anywhere.

Competitors will claim to have exclusivity on specific species of soapstone and

apply fancy terms like “architectural grade” to make it sound better, that is just nonsense.

It’s here, we have it all, every species they claim to have, we have it here for less, come see

for yourself. Don’t buy into their rhetoric, instead buy the best value.

Caring for your Soapstone sink is easy!

These care instructions will provide you with a few tips on how to maintain your new sink and enhance its natural beauty to keep it both a functional and beautiful focal point of your home. Your new sink has arrived in its natural finish. This is intentional to allow for proper adhesion if and when you have new countertops installed.

Oil For A Darker Appearance

To expedite your stone’s darkening process and enhance the look of your soapstone sink, you can use a mineral oil that’s readily available in any drug store, or you can apply a dry wax product specifically designed for soapstone applications.

Your soapstone will require multiple coats of mineral oil to maintain a dark, “wet” look. You can spread the oil directly onto your sink, or place it on a rag first and then wipe it onto the stone. Within a week of the first coat, the oil will have set into the surface and or evaporated that it will appear to dry out. The second coat will typically hold for about a month before it starts to evaporate.

After that, the frequency of coating with mineral oil will be months or years before the surface starts to look dry. The quantity of oil you use on your sink, what you clean it with, and how dark you desire the surface to appear will also affect the frequency of oiling. Mineral oil is non-toxic and safe to use around food.

Dry Wax Darkens For Longer Periods

Dry-wax is another product available that enhances the color of your stone and can be purchased online or through a local stone fabricator. It is compatible with mineral oil so it’s acceptable to apply the wax over top of an existing oil treatment. Formed from natural walnut oils and carnauba wax, this product is safe to use on and around food preparation surfaces. One advantage to applying dry-wax is its staying power as it evaporates more slowly than mineral oil, cutting down on the frequency of applications.

Removing Scratches In Soapstone

In addition to oiling or waxing your sink, you may need to sand scratches out of the surface from time to time. Soapstone is a softer type of rock, which makes it more prone to marks and scratches that can easily be buffed out with common sandpaper. It is recommend to start with a low grit (100), then move up to a (200), and finally end with a (400) grit paper. Small circular motions will yield the best results. Once you are satisfied that you have removed all of the scratches, apply a light coat of mineral oil or more of your dry wax and your sink will look brand new.Regular household cleaning products will not harm your soapstone, but it’s recommended you use mild soap and water for cleaning to avoid removing the mineral oil or wax treatment.

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