Quartzite Countertops

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Quartzite counter-tops are among the hardest and most beautiful of all natural stone counter-tops available. Many quartzite counter-tops look like marble but do not etch at all. And, they do not scratch nor stain easily. However, be careful because to make easy sales, many stone shops are calling marbles a quartzite. Quartzite counter-tops are often even harder than granite and can often only be cut with a water-jet. Traditional diamond blade technology is sometimes not enough to get the job done. Look at our Quartzite Counter-tops slab inventory to get an idea of the beauty available. Granite is typically less expensive than quartzite but is on par with Marble.

Quartzites are beautiful! Some quartzites accept a impregnating sealer and keep liquids out. Stain warranty is not available for all quartzites for this reason. Other quartzites will never effectively seal due to their structure and density. This has been tested and proven with numerous brands of sealer over years. Know your stone before you have it custom fabricated. This is an excellent article about quartzite.

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