Soapstone Counter-tops

We have more variety, quantity and experience with Soapstone Countertops than any competitor, PERIOD.

Soapstone Countertops

These are available lots and varieties of soapstone onsite now.

Soapstone Counter-top Universe!

Soapstone Counter-tops Characteristics

We have hundreds of soapstone slabs on site to choose from to fabricate your soapstone counter-tops. Stone Masters has the widest selection of soapstone species anywhere, period. In stock are both hard and soft soapstone species. Each one is clearly labeled with its hardness in MOHS scale and the price level on each slab. There are also ready made sinks.

Soapstone has a natural earthy beauty that is unique unto itself. While is it often described as a “soft stone”, it is still very much a stone that is durable and suitable for counter-tops.  Soapstone has two very desirable properties as a counter-top. Number one, it is non-porous therefore it can not stain. Number two, it is extremely heat resistant and needs no trivet or protection from hot items coming out of the oven.

Soapstone is at home in historic as well as new construction and is trending in popularity. Martha Stewart has it in her home and has a great video she talks about her soapstone and caring for it with mineral oil.

Soapstone Counter-tops Variety

Scroll down to get an idea of the variety of soapstone species we have in stock. Many of the photos are half wet so that you can get an idea of the color once oiled. Go ahead, get the stone you really want! Soapstone!

Most Variety of Soapstone Countertops In One Location in USA. Period

We have the largest & widest variety of soapstone slabs for counter-tops to choose from, anywhere. Competitors will claim to have exclusivity on specific species of soapstone and apply fancy terms like “architectural grade” to make it sound better.

That is just nonsense. It’s here, we have it all.  Every species they claim to have, we have it here for less, come see for yourself. Don’t buy into their rhetoric, instead buy the best value.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone can be used to create soapstone counter-tops, soapstone sinks, tile floors, back-splash and is frequently the material of choice for wood stoves, fireplaces and hearths. It has amazing properties for heat retention. The perfect accompaniment to soapstone counters are soapstone sinks.

Soapstone is easy to care for and its’ beauty is timeless. Stone Masters owners are beyond passionate (almost obsessed) with soapstone. There are only one or two operating quarries around the world that are not stocked here. If we don’t stock it, you don’t want it.

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