Countertop Removal

Countertop removal is necessary to check if your cabinets are level. Also to check if they are structurally sound and to scribe the contour of your walls. The old counter-top must be removed prior to template. None of this can be done with the old counter-top in place.

Stone Masters offers this service as an option. We are experts at counter-top installation as well as removal. Some counter-tops such as laminate are usually quickly and easily removed.

Others made from tile, Corian, quartz or granite are a more difficult countertop removal simply due to the weight. In some kitchen designs the counter-tops are physically trapped underneath appliance garages. In other cases upper cabinets, tile or moldings. Removing counter-tops in these situations could require several men and the better part of a day.

The cost to remove counter-tops depends upon the size, labor, material and time it will take to carefully remove them.

A simple typical laminate counter-top removal is inexpensive especially if done at the same time as template.

Granite, tile, solid Surface (Corian and others) is more expensive due to the weight, number of men required and the amount of labor required.

Counter-top removals are custom quoted. Again, this is based upon the material, time and the number of men required to remove the old ones.

Before Removal

After Removal

Dust extractor clean removal

Get that dust outside!

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