New Construction Kitchen-Oxford, PA

After seeing Wellborn Cabinetry in a friend’s home this couple KNEW they had to have it in their new kitchen. They were so impressed by the quality of the drawer boxes, beauty of the finish, and the great accessories they searched out someone to bring their dreams to life. And found us at Stone Masters!

While the cabinetry line was easily selected finishes were (as always) the challenge. This couple was building their dream home in Oxford PA. And while new construction definitely has it’s perks,  its not for the faint of heart! When embarking on even a small renovation you’ll start to reach decision fatigue and its important to have a clear plan.

Luckily this kitchen had a clear plan, so the clients’s were able to soldier through the selection phase with stunning results. The New Azul Aran granite compliments the Wellborn Galena Door style in a Shaddow Pewter Maple perfectly!

Custom elements included a appliance ready cabinetry panel for their pebble ice machine…a must have for this family!  And not one, but TWO dishwashers!

The trapezoidal island design will make entertaining for this active family a dream. Hope this family enjoys their dream home and kitchen for years to come! 

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