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After finalizing your stone choice, there are still some choices to make. We can help! There are decisions about the counter-tops shape, overhang and edge profile to be made. If your project calls for a sink and faucet, our designers can ensure that your sink fits your cabinetry and that your faucet selection compliments both your design and needs. Besides stainless steel we can offer you sink options from cast iron to glass to soapstone and every material and design option in between.

One of the often overlooked, but most visually influential design choices are the back-splash choices. The four inch matching back-splash option is right for some people. Others prefer a tile back-splash. An even more dramatic look can be achieved with a full height back-splash. Tile combinations are endless and we can show you pros and cons as well as help design exactly what you envision. Stone Masters can also help you with existing counter-top or tile removal as well as reconnecting your plumbing. Just ask for a quote.

The Six Key Questions Before Buying Countertops

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