Marble Counter-tops

You are only going to do your kitchen counter-tops once, SO DO IT RIGHT! Marble counter-tops are often imitated, but never duplicated. Real marble counter-tops are breathtakingly beautiful and without compare.

We know you deserve it, you want it, so just do it already! Scroll down to see actual marble slabs. Marble slabs you can actually see, actually feel, and touch. Dare to imagine that you can even have any of these made into YOUR KITCHEN Marble Counter-tops or marble BATHROOM vanity-tops.

Article about marble as compared to granite and the Pros and Cons Granite Vs Marble.  This is what Martha Stewart recommends about taking care of marble counter-tops.

To learn about caring for your marble counter-tops we encourage you to visit our Counter-top Learning Center.

Where does it come from?

In Cararra Italy, a wide variety of white marbles such as Carrara, Venatino, Statuario, Statuarietto, Statuary, Calacatta, and Valgi are quarried there. Even these marble names have further distinctions such as Carrara CD to indicate the characteristics of that specific block or slab. Once quarried the marble is graded based upon the color of the background, the clarity, the width of color veins within the stone itself and the characteristics visible in the block and its slabs.

Marble inventory at Stone Masters Inc.

At Stone Masters we carry a large variety of Carrara marbles in various grades, price levels and looks to suit your budget and preference. We turn these into marble counter-tops and install them in your home.

Etch vs Stain in Marble

Many people can not tell the difference between an etch and a stain. It is important to be able to identify and understand to prevent. Check this out!  Marble Etches and Water Marks v2We also carry man-made quartz slabs that are designed to look like Carrara marbles. These come without the fear of staining or etching and very scratch resistant. Come see them all and choose what works for you.

Trend or Fad?

Marble counter-tops are not just a fad or passing trend. It’s beauty is legendary and timeless. All of our stone is on display in our well light indoor stone yard!

Caring for Marble

The number one concern we hear all the time is, “If I buy marble counter-tops for my kitchen, Here is a 3rd party article on how to care for marble.

We recommend investing in a really good stain protection sealer with a 12-year stain warranty from “More”. This does not warrant against scratches or etching, but it does cover staining.

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