The Mill House-Oxford, PA

This home was an original 200+ year old Mill House on this family’s property. Then when their daughter decided to move into the space, they realized it was a great opportunity to update the kitchen and baths.

Before and After The Mill House Kitchen-Oxford, PA

Scroll though to see the before/afters on this job! They are a great display of how much more functional good design can make a space.

Functional Changes at The Mill House-Oxford, PA

Extending the Kitchen Island 
Although this room originally was cramped, had no seating area, felt dated, and wasn’t very practical. It’s now has more work space at the range, seating for 2-4 people at the island, and practical storage solutions.

Opening the Range Wall of the Mill House Kitchen

Simply centering the range on the wall gave so much more elbow room and instantly made the room feel more open when you walked in. Extending the island to the the wall allowed for more seating and so much more function in this compact space.

Organizing the Kitchen

Opting for built in trashcans, over the fridge cabinetry, and taller uppers all helped to maximize this space. Since the client opted for Waypoint Living Space’s 760F in Painted Harbor,this finish is beautiful in the way in shifts color. Grey, cream, putty…all can be seen in this color throughout different times of day.

Antique Finishes for The Mill House-Oxford, PA

A farmhouse style sink was an obvious choice for this old home and soapstone just felt like the right fit for the space! We then chose Colonial White Granite for the countertops to coordinate the grays, creams, and putty colors of the space.


Therefore for this space we kept the backsplash simple and rustic. The 3×6 Antique White tile was chosen for its’ hand crafted finish. Therefore it added both texture and depth to the backsplash. The antique feel of the tile tied in with the original character of the home. The slight aging on the edges of the tile made it the perfect modern update for this old home.

Coordinating Flooring and Selections at The Mill House-Oxford, PA


Although the home had great character, the old kitchen had dated and tattered vinyl floors from the 70’s. So there just was no use saving them. Our Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) came to the rescue for this space! The homeowner chose the Whitfiled Grey for the flooring.


And we were then able to easily coordinate all the selections under one roof for this client. Cabinetry, Countertops, Sink, Backsplash, Hardware, and Flooring were all provided and designed by the Stone Master’s team for this job.

Although this renovation was in a 200 year old Mill House. The new design honors the home’s history and showcases its assets so much better. Its beautiful to be a small part of this home’s history.

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