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LVT Flooring Also Known As Luxury Vinyl Tile is Trending

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile is trending for two very obvious reasons. Number 1, it is beautiful, and number 2, it is easy to care for! There is really a third reason, it is affordable, very affordable.

As if that was not enough there is another really good reason to choose LVT flooring, It is so easy to install that many people choose to do it themselves. It really is that easy to install. Click here to view the Installation Video which talks about how to install and what to avoid. We can provide an LVT flooring installation as part of our Kitchen Make Over or general contracting services.

With so many colors and patterns to choose from and being waterproof this flooring option is a proverbial “no-brain-er”. The hardest part is trying to decide which one is best for you.

Kitchen Make Over

Did you know that Stone Masters has a zero Interest remodeling plan that Can include LVT and its installation. The best part is that LVT is typically only a day or two for installation.

Tile Flooring Vs LVT

Tile flooring requires a sub-straight typically Hardi-Backer. Prior to installation the tiles must acclimate to the building temperature.  And, tile requires a wet mortar to bond the tiles to the sub-straight. Each tile must be hand set for alignment and lippage. Finally after the mortar has cured grout can be installed. Lastly, the grout must be sealed. LVT skips most all of these steps making it far more affordable compared to tile.

Tile Flooring Vs Wood Floors

Before installation just like tile wood flooring must be temperature acclimated. An underlayment to prevent squeaking must be laid down. Next the noise and mess of cutting wood and nail gun cracking begins. Dust and more dust. In the end you will have a beautiful floor. But do not forget that wood absorbs moisture and can scratch and stain. Not with LVT!

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