Waterfall Countertop Basement Bar-Kennett Square PA

Who doesn’t drool over a beautiful drop-leg like this? Also known as a “waterfall edge”this architectural feature is sure to WOW in any space.

“Waterfall” Countertop Materials

This basement bar took things to the next level by carrying the stone down right edge for a clean, sleek, modern look. This homeowner took advantage of a great Quartz Promotion.Since they wanted dramatic veining they selected the Borghini Classic Quartz. If you’re looking to do your own drop-leg or waterfall edge it important to consider the material. Quartz is a great option because of its strength, while Marble or Quartzite is often too fragile or brittle for such a feature.

basement bar
basement bar waterfall edge

Basement Bar Cabinetry

If you’re considering a drop leg or waterfall edge its important to discuss this with your cabinetry designer. In this case the customer was working with Stone Masters for their cabinetry and opted for a textured door style. Waypoint’s unique Duraform material added depth and a dramatic touch to this space. The compact design of this bar offers everything a basement bar needs!

This design captures everything the client needed for their home bar without breaking the bank! This space was done for under $4,500!

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