How do I repair a chip in my countertop?

A common areas for granite counter-top chips are around sinks and in front of dishwashers. So how do I repair a chip in my countertop?

How do I repair a chip in my countertop?

While granite and other natural stones are chip resistant, nothing is indestructible. This includes quartz, which can chip just as easily as natural stones, despite its reputation for being robust. Most small surface pits chips and edge chips can be fixed rather easily. The most common adhesive filler used for everyday small repairs is CA (cyanoacrylates), otherwise known as super glue.
CA is available in many different viscosities to adhere many different materials in varying environments. For surface chips, we recommend to use a thin viscosity CA and apply in thin coats. Applying too much at one time is only going to lengthen the curing time of the CA. For chips that happen to be on the edge of your counter-top, I would recommend a thicker CA, almost a syrup like consistency. You might also have to make a dam out of paper or masking tape to prevent the glue from running down and adhering to your brand new floor.

Once hardened, the glue patch on the edges can be sanded down smooth with higher grit sandpaper. A patch that is on a horizontal surface can be shaved down using a razor blade standing on edge and glide the blade on top quickly from side to side. Be sure to use light pressure as to not pop the fresh patch right out. Multiple layers might be needed to build up the repaired area so that it is even with the surrounding stone.

Philip Longo – VP Operations Stone Masters inc

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