How do I remove a scratch in my granite countertop?

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does you may want to know how to remove a scratch from a granite countertop.

How do I remove a scratch in my granite counter-top?

Of all natural stone choices for counter top use, granite is the hardest and is usually in polished form. While granite is considered scratch resistant, nothing in the world is scratch proof, granite included. Diamonds and other pieces of granite are usually the culprit for scratches when fabricating the stone counter tops. Scratches made in a residence are most likely a result from abuse or being careless.

Polishing out scratches is an intricate combination of diamond abrasives, water, pressure, heat and friction. This process is usually time consuming, noisy, and messy sometimes. Call Stone Masters (610-444-7200) and we can schedule an experienced stone technician to come out to your home and professionally repair your issue.

Philip Longo – V.P. Operations

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