How do I remove a scratch in my soapstone countertop

How do I remove a scratch in my soapstone counter-top is the most common question from people researching the purchase of soapstone.

How do I remove a scratch in my soapstone counter-top?

When compared to other stone counter-top choices, soapstone is relatively soft. Scratches will happen if used regularly. Do not fear, as most soapstone scratches can be fixed quite easily. Before any hard work is done, see if a coat of your favorite soapstone oil or soapstone wax will mask the scratch. If this is not satisfactory, sanding out the scratch would be your next route. Available at your local hardware store, pick up some sandpaper. Using a circular motion with a 120 pad in your hand or orbital sander, you should be able to remove stone and sand away just enough so that the scratch cannot be seen. Move on up to a 220 grit pad with the same technique. At this point, you might be done depending on what finish is on your particular soapstone counter-top. If the area still appears lighter than the rest of the counter, move up to a 320 grit, or even a 400 or 500.

Using small amounts of water to wet-sand might be necessary to match the original color. Reapply your oil or wax, and you should be back in business. If your DIY repair is still unsatisfactory, call Stone Masters 610-444-7200 and we can schedule an experienced stone technician to come out to your home and professionally repair your issue.

Philip Longo – V.P. Operations with Stone Masters Inc

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