When do I seal my stone countertop?

How do I know when do I seal my stone counter-top?

OK, when do I seal my stone?

Not all natural stones are porous. It’s only a handful of stones that give the bad reputation of natural stones staining. Every stone that we process here at Stone Masters gets sealed with a high quality sealer. When dry, stone is its natural color. If your stone darkens when water is on the surface, that stone is vulnerable to staining and a quality stone sealer can be used to help alleviate this issue. The rate at which the stone absorbs a water puddle determines how much sealer this particular stone can “take”.
For example, a very porous stone will almost immediately absorb the water puddle and darken the surface. This type of material can usually take 2-3 coats of sealer. A stone that does not darken within 20-30 minutes when wet and water remains in puddle form on the surface, is considered relatively stain resistant. Applying sealer to very stain resistant stones is usually a waste of valuable time and money.

Sustained use of chemicals and high heat on the stone surface can make sealer lose its effectiveness prematurely. To avoid staining, use trivets or coasters, clean up spills as they happen, and avoid sustained contact with acidic substances such as citrus, tomato based products, soda and wine.

If your not comfortable with doing this yourself, we offer that service just call 610-444-7200/

Philip Longo – VP of Operations with Stone Masters inc


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