When to select my Backsplash

So often a contractor pushes a customer to select a backsplsah as they would like to wrap up the project and move on.However, after all you have gone thru to get to this point…why rush the final detail? We suggest you take your time with this part of the process. Wait until your counters are installed to be sure your selection meets your expectations.

A backsplash should not be installed until the counters are completed as it sits on top of the counters, so whats the rush anyway!?Keep in mind the items that will live on your counter such as toaster, knives, oils etc as these items add visual clutter to the backsplash.Select the samples you are interested in, once your counter is installed grab some thumb tacks and tack them to the wall and live with them. Seeing things in your lighting, your environment is key to being sure what one is right for you!Wanting an inset behind the stove?

Sketch it out on the wall, get yourself some painters tape and tape out different sizes to see what works for you. If you have drywall, feel free to get a pencil and sketch the design out. Just do a small area to get the idea!Huge tip: be sure your tile installer uses silicone NOT grout where the tile meets the counter. Otherwise as your house “breathes” the grout will start chipping out and it gets messy. The silicone will breathe with the house as it is more flexible and you will have a cleaner longer lasting look!Be sure to have fun with the process, if you find it too frustrating, perhaps it’s who you are working with rather than the selection, a good designer should make the process fun and exciting!

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