What Can A Soapstone Countertop Add To Your Home?

Remodeling your kitchen can be exhilarating, yet stressful. You want to find all the right products that will truly transform your kitchen into a masterpiece. There are so many options, each of which offers something unique. As you discuss materials, you’ll think about marble, you’ll think about granite, and you’ll think about soapstone. You’ll want to do your homework; it’s a big investment! We’re here to help with your homework when it comes to soapstone counters in Philadelphia.

You ask, “What can a soapstone countertop add to my home?” Well, here’s your answer.


o You can’t stain soapstone. The material is almost immune to stains and bacteria, even after decades of operating on the same surface. When placed on your kitchen counter, soapstone is not affected by heat, and is chemically neutral to withstand even the toughest acids you cook with.

o The problem you’ll see with soapstone is that it scratches more easily as compared to harder stones due to its soft nature. However, with mineral oil, those scratches are taken care of in seconds.

Texture Options

o We all dream about a different kitchen, and want a material that will provide comfort and an aesthetically pleasing look. Typically a soft slab, even soapstone ranges from very soft to almost as hard as a typical marble. Mineral oil that is applied will darken but not harden the material, and you can choose a honed or a brushed surface texture. Fabricate it the way you want, choosing a texture you love.

All Natural Material

o The material used in soapstone slabs comes directly from the earth. As we become conscious of the environment, you won’t have toxic materials enter your kitchen when you choose soapstone. The quarries are much smaller than those of granite and marble, and it is fabricated in a natural state.


o When you choose soapstone, and you want to have a unique slab on your counter, you’ll be happy to know that no 2 lots of this material are ever the same. As slabs are fabricated from all over the world, you can choose a range of colors, from a pale green to a dark gray. We have 14 different species to choose from, all unique. To darken the color, apply mineral oil. Keep it genuine for a personal, natural appeal.

Cost Effective

o Though prices are relatively on par with a mid-range granite but less than a high end marble when it comes to cost per square foot of soapstone. If you trust your handy work, you can even purchase soapstone counters as a do-it-yourself project. The cost of installation typically runs about 75 to 79 dollars per square foot.

Now that you know a little about soapstone countertops in Philadelphia, you’re homework just got easier. Don’t hesitate to contact me, or anyone at Stone Masters Inc. when you have a question about soapstone materials.

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