Trends to Consider when Renovating your Kitchen

If you haven’t changed the look and feel of your kitchen since you moved into your home, now may be the time. You’ve probably been pondering the idea, but haven’t thought too much of the design and style aspect. As the summer nears, there are trending designs becoming commonplace in kitchens across the country. Consider your budget and incorporate these trends into your kitchen for a modern look that stands out.

Homeowners are going for a clean look in an open concept. An island kitchen counter with cabinets extending to the ceiling makes the room appear larger and more inviting. Whether you’re looking for a complete renovation, or spot changes to certain areas, designers are seeing prevalence in the following designs.

Rise of Quartz: As an engineered stone slab, there is more and more interest in quartz slabs. They tend to be much more consistent in color and pattern than some of the other natural stones, allowing you more opportunity to match your vision. Quartz is the top choice for kitchen designers, with 88% of respondents to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s 2015 Trend Survey designing kitchens with the stone. With its engineered qualities, you can have a quartz slab that looks just like granite, or just like marble. It provides easy maintenance with its resistance to stains and bacteria, and doesn’t have to be sealed. Through its popularity, we have added Spectrum Quartz to our line of slabs.

Backsplash: Beyond the look of your countertop material, the backsplash completes the look of your kitchen. It serves the purpose of protecting the wall, adding texture to the overall design. Today, we’re seeing more and more simple backsplashes because homeowners don’t want distraction from the beautiful design. We typically see a subway tile over the sink or stove, but some glass accents are still being incorporated. A simple black subway tile with white grout is also trending.

Colors: What we’re seeing are softer colors like gray and white popping up all over the area. Many homeowners that are redesigning and renovating their kitchens will include a primary color as an accent, like blue or red. The simple, soft colors are mixed with customized, furniture-grade cabinetry that tie the room together. European styled cabinets are currently trending, as are multiples of appliances. We’re experiencing more Shaker-style cabinets with painted or dark wood stains for a more contemporary design.

Families spend most of their time in the kitchen, and a renovation will provide a refreshing feeling. It’s the heart of the home, and the most minimal of updates to the design and structure has paid dividends. If you’re considering a new look and style to the kitchen, visit our kitchen and bath showroom in West Chester, PA. We’ll help transform the heavily trafficked room of your home into a dream come true.

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