After finalizing your stone choice, you will still need a sink! We can help with that. If your project calls for a sink, our designers can ensure that your sink fits the cabinetry properly and that it compliments your design. We offer a variety of sink options. Stainless, Composite, Soapstone, Slate in both single and double bowl configurations.

Free with a 40 Square Foot stone package:

SM 2318-D9
SM 2318-D9 16 gage
SM 1815
SM 1815 16 Gage
2321-D9 16 gage
SM 465
SM 465 16 gage

Popular Stainless Steel Sinks Available as an Upgrade: (and many more)

SM 3118 D9
SM 3118 D9 16 gage
SM 3220-D9_7
SM 3220-D9_7 16 gage
Blanco Super Single
Blanco Super Single 18 gage
SM 3221 16 gage
Soapstone Sinks “off the shelf: and custom made.
Porcelain farm sinks in stock:
Porcelain Farm Sink

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