Natural Stone Sealer: Perception Vs Reality

With so many details in a remodeling project, sealer can often be an afterthought. We’ll help to explain its role and answer some of the most common questions and myths. Myths like if you seal the stone it cannot stain, that sealer is difficult to apply, or it will change the finish of the stone…all of which are nonsense!

Perception – Sealer will prevent stains.

Reality – Sealer will slow down the process of staining allowing the consumer time to clean up the staining agent before it actually stains the stone.

Perception – Sealer is difficult to apply.

Reality – Follow the directions and an 8 year old child can quickly, easily and properly seal stone!

Perception – Discolored stone is stained.

Reality – Roughly 50% of the “stains” consumers contact stone professionals about are actually smudges and dirt that can be cleaned away with soap and water or scraped away with a razor blade (Do not use a razor blade on marble but it is okay for quartz, granite, or quartzite) . Another 20-30% of the “stains” are actually just mineral deposits that are left behind from the water that comes out of the faucets (well or city water). These again can typically be removed via fine steel wool and or a razor blade. Using Kaboom or other types of household miracle cleaning products usually do more damage than good as they leave behind residue. 

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