How do I find a job in a Granite and Marble shop?

Finding a job in a granite or marble shop is mostly by word of mouth.

With so much of the granite counter-top industry being Spanish speaking it is not necessarily the traditional newspaper ad that gets you the job you seek. Sometimes it is opening the yellow pages and calling and visiting each one in the area.

Today it may make sense to type in granite counter-top into your favorite search engine and generate a list of the stone shops in your area.

Craigslist online is a useful place to search for relevant jobs that you may fill.

Since many shops have specialized tasks one approach is not the same for all. Meaning a sales position as opposed to an installers vs; fabricators vs; programmers are all specialize job titles that leaves me (the shop owner) advertising in different mediums depending upon what I am looking for in the way of experience and skills.

Word of mouth usually comes with a recommendation, sometimes good and sometimes bad, but either way that recommendation carries a lot of weight as the referrer usually has worked with that person and knows their personality traits and work habits as well as their skills and individual reputation.

We keep applications on file for extended periods of time and need to always have access to good qualified people so feel free to e-mail us a resume or stop in to fill out an application. We may not be hiring right now but if you stand out we may interview you.

Experience, experience and even more experience. All fabrication shops are looking for good experienced employees. If you have no experience and you really want a career in counter-tops and want to learn the trade than starting at the bottom as a laborer will get your foot in the door. Carrying stone and caulking are entry level installation jobs that pay about $12 an hour. A good experienced installer can make $17-$20 an hour.

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