The Process

Customer Supplied Sketch

First step in getting the process started is figuring out your square footage. Customers who are working with a new kitchen design can simply send over their cabinetry overview plans. Those who are working with existing cabinetry can simply measure along the back wall of their countertops to work up a basic sketch. This allows us to calculate your square footage, which in turn will determine your pricing and allow us to ensure that when you’re ready to move forward we set enough stone aside.Our experience templator will of course come out to take scribed digital measurements, but at this stage of the process a customer supplied sketch supplies all the necessary information to generate a quote.

Getting a Formal Quote

Using the measurements and details provided in the sketch you can then work with our knowledgeable sales team to make selections in our Kennett Square stone showroom.

With hundreds of slabs on site, kitchen displays to help visualize, and a friendly team you’re sure to find what you’re looking for to bring your project together.Selecting your stone, edge, and sink will allow us to generate a formal quote. Making revisions until your selections are narrowed down.


When When your selections are complete and you know the stone you’d love to have finalizing the stone selection is next! A signed copy of the contract and deposit will allow your sales representative to save the stone for you and schedule template when your project is ready. 

Deposit is 40% (cash or check ONLY) or paid in full if the project is under $2,000. Customers at this stage are encouraged to select andverify their slab in person and review all project details.

Scheduling Template

Scheduling a Template requires a bit of preparation. This is when our experienced team member comes to your home and DIGITALLY measures the space.Typically template spots book up about 1 week in advance. So once you know your project’s timeline, you can being to coordinate with our team.

Basic Check List

New Cabinetry Installed Old Countertops Removed (OPTIONAL add on service) ALL Cabinetry Installed & Leveled. Customer Supplied Sink, Faucet, Soap Dispenser, etc on site. Farmhouse Sink In-place. All Appliances In-place.

Template Day!

They day of template is very exciting! Its the day when the elements of the project come together. Our knowledgeable templator will guide you through the process discussing functional and design elements. Decision makers must be on site for this part of the process to verify radius, overhangs, set backs, and necessary details. 

Countertops MUST be removed for this stage of the process to ensure a scribed fit for the stone and allow us to ensure the cabinetry/site is adequately prepared for installation. Stone Masters offers countertop removal as an upgrade. This is a custom quote that requires photos. Customers opting for Digital Slab Layout will schedule that appointment at this time for as soon as the next business day.

Digital Slab Layout

Once a template is created and all design details are finalized on site, customers can elect to participate in Digital Slab Layout. This process is very stone dependent and layout dependent. While the price is no charge for Levels 5 and up. It is available on Levels P-4 for $250. 

This is typically a 20 minute appointment in-person at Stone Masters’ showroom with a member of our production team. This process allows you to visual where the pieces will be cut from within their slab(s). You can see how seams come together, the overall kitchen flow, grain direction, and pattern…all before the stone is even cut.

Turn around time from template to installation is 7-10 business days.

This is to ensure the highest quality fabrication and minimal down time for your kitchen. Stone Master’s highly skills stone artisans will cut, polish, seal, and execute the details of your project.

At Stone Master’s we strive for a “seamless appearance” both in your finished project and throughout the process. Our 7-10 day turn around time is the industry’s quickest and most thorough. Triple Milled Seams allow for tight seams, highly textured surface area ensures maximum boning, and specially designed grooves allow for chemical biscuits for the industries highest quality seam.

Install Day

One of the most exciting days in your project will be countertop installation day! Its the day when all the project’s little details come to life! This is typically a half day process, which is essential for you to participate in to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. 

Seam coloration, faucet holes, and final finishing will take place and our dedicated team of installers will be there to answer any final questions you may have.

Satisfaction, Sealer, Soapstone Wax, and General Care

Stone Master’s is a different kind of stone fabricator. We take your project personally and as such are committed to your ultimate satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied and our Satisfaction Team will work towards a resolution. 

MORE Stone and Quartz cleaner is a great way to keep your countertops looking as beautiful as installation day! To learn more about how to care for your countertops visit our page here.

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