So what is soapstone?

Soapstone is a durable and hardworking natural stone, that is largely comprised of talc. The talc is what gives soapstone its reputation of being “soft”. While it is true that soapstone is softer than granite or quartz that is also part of its charm.

Soapstone countertops will “break in” overtime with your patterns. A soapstone customer likes this personalized and weathered touch to the material. Soapstone is a very forgiving material since scratches generally become a part of the stone’s natural look. While large scratches can be sanded out by hand or often hidden by waxing or oiling the surface.

These all become part of soapstone’s “living finish” soapstone is non porous. So unlike granite or marble you don’t have to worry about re-sealing or staining. The talc content in the stone though makes it a very matte finish, so homeowners can choose to wax or oil it which brings the hidden beauty of soapstone to life.

Waxing and oiling can be done in combination or individually. Since soapstone is nonporous the wax or oil sits on the surface and will eventually wear away so re-application as desired is necessary.

Soapstone is a beautiful, timeless, and durable option for countertops.

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