Sink Accessories


Grates are a necessary accessory for under mount stainless steel sinks. They prevent scratches and allow food waste to go where it belongs and not interfere with your trying to do the dishes. When it’s time just put the whole grate in the dishwasher and you are good to go again. A properly designed and sized grate will allow you easy access to the sinks strainer and allow you to service it without removing the grate! If you get the grate at the same time as the sink you can be assures of a perfect fit.



Strainers are not standard nor do they come with sinks. Many people are surprised that strainers are an accessory. The reason is that they come in different colors sizes and not all sinks take them. For example if you have a single bowl sink and have a garbage disposer then you do not need a strainer at all as that is actually going to be replaced with the garbage disposer mounting flange itself. Thick wall sinks such as composite or Soapstone sinks will require a wide gate strainer. Be sure to ask and select the correct strainer and quantity of strainers for your sink application. One Strainer is included with each 40 Square Foot stone package.


Roll Up Space Saver Mat 

A roll up mat is an optional sink accessory that creates a food prep area over your sink and rolls up for easy storage. This item goes directly into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.


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