OSHA Certified

After voluntarily enrolling in OSHA’s compliance program, called “SHARP”, Stone Masters Inc. is proud to announce the completion of our certification. SHARP is an acronym for “Safety Health Achievement Program”. The program is entirely voluntary and goes above and beyond the basic OSHA basic requirements. The goal of the program was in keeping with our company culture of maintaining the highest quality standards.

We spoke with Annette Olesen of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) for the purpose of this article. She explained that IUP performs these OSHA consultations as part of a grant to assist small companies with OSHA compliance. Annette said that only 53 companies in Pennsylvania have earned this esteemed status. One of the key components of this process is the management of safety and health to ensure companies stay proactive. As part of Stone Master’s compliance, Annette explained that an achievement plan was developed and then implemented. An example of our implementation Annette recalled was that Stone Masters put together a safety committee. She explained that this safety committee not only pro-actively helps to control hazards, but also empowers employees.

In an industry where visits from OSHA often come with anxious feelings we are proud to be proactive and certified for running a safe shop.  

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