Tile Backsplash Removal

We offer tile back-splash removal for our counter-top customers. It is almost always required if you are planning on replacing your old laminate counter-top with a new granite counter-top. The reason is, the existing tile was installed on top of the old counter-top. The new counter-top will be a different thickness from the old. This  results in an uneven gap between the new counter and the old tile. The use of shims and varying thickness of stone will make installation of new granite impossible if it is too small. It will be unattractive if the gap is too big or uneven.

It is advisable to replace the old tile back-splash with a new one since you are updating the kitchen and you want a tight fit between your new counter-top and your back-splash.

We provide this service. We need to know before you schedule your removal. It is messy and time consuming. Most often the tiles do not pull off the wall cleanly. Typically the tiles will pull away the drywall with then making it more logical to simply replace the drywall.

Because each situation is different and has many variables we ask for a photo of your existing tile backsplash before we will provide a quote.

Before Removal

Before removal2

Dust extractor = No Mess

Kitchen Quartzites

After Granite | Before Tile

Granite installed

We use a dust extractor to get the dust outside! You don’t want to allow dust inside your cabinets or worse yet, circulated throughout your home via your HVAC system. Turn off your heat or A/C. Allow us to set up an extractor. We are the only fabricator using a dust extractor, before we cut into you old tile, grout or stone for your removal. This will eliminate 99% of the dust and grit associated with your removal!

After New Tile

After removal, granite and tile

Getting the dust outside!

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