Emerstone Quartz “Premium” Sale

Borghini Gold Quartz

Emerstone Borghini Silver Quartz

Emerstone Monet Quartz

Emerstone Mont Blanc Quartz

These specific colors from Emerstone have been the top four choices of our customers in the past year. Those customers were all seeking the best “marble look quartz” and wanted “maintainence free” with “subtle veining”. We negotiated the best price based upon stocking, volume and promotion. You can see the full slab in person. We offer the best price, fabrication and installation. Stop by today to see and feel them. Bring your sketch to find out what range of services we can provide for you. We remove old countertops then fabricate and install the new ones. We can reconnect your plumbing and even install a new tile backsplash if you need it.

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