Covid 19 Precautions

Stone Masters is following the roller coaster of CDC guidence and compling with mandates. At this time (and it may change), masks are not madated in PA, NJ or DE so we leave it up to each individual to mask or not. Masked, appointments are optional for showroom visits. Sanitizer is provided. 6 Foot Social distancing is practiced, recommended and enforced.

Stone Masters Inc. is an Osha compliant facility and business. We take our employees and customers safety seriously. We send each customer the Covid agreement and sign off before scheduling any in home visit. Know this in advance

In Home Shared Safety Responsibility Agreement; When our techs are coming to your home for removals, tile, templates or installation of any kind we want to do everything possible to ensure your and our employee’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation!

Home owner agrees to:

  1. Clear countertops and wipe down with sanitizer/cleaner before technicians arrive.
  2. Wipe Door knobs and leave doors open for the duration of the visit.
  3. Open doors and windows in the room we are working within one hour of our arrival.
  4. Stay at least 6 feet away, wear a mask and discuss any issues in the driveway/outside.
  5. Stay out of the room we are working if at all possible to minimize contact.
  6. Keep children, pets and all others (including trades) out of the workplace with or without masks.

SMI Employees agree to:

  1. Wear a mask.
  2. Use sanitizer frequently.
  3. Wipe down the new sink, new stone, and faucet with alcohol upon completion.
  4. Stay 6 feet or more away while in your home at all times.
  5. Discuss any details in driveway or other open space allowing 6 + foot social distancing.
  6. Be temperature tested each morning before work.

Scheduling and lead times may be impacted by Covid 19 as potential health concerns to SMI employees and homeowners is an unknown.

Failure to observe these requirements will result in rescheduling fees and dates when you can accommodate these safety practices.

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