Quality Countertops

Natures Natural Beauty + Fine Craftsmenship + Digital Technology + Passion

Bring this luxury to your home.

Fine quality countertops, vanities, fireplaces and anything made from stone start with quality stone slabs. At Stone Masters Inc., we hand select and import our own stone slabs from Brazil, Italy and where ever the stone is quarried. We literally go to quarries around the globe to find only the very best stone to work with.

We transform those raw blocks of stone into your luxurious countertops!

At Stone Masters Inc., quality is a tightly controlled system of producing consistently outstanding results time after time. The investment you make in your remodelling project will yield measurable financial benefits for years to come. It is the satisfaction and pride you will feel, that you can not measured. You will enjoy this feeling every day for the rest of your life.“Without Digital Slay Layout”
This is how competitors make a template.”Like Crayons””With Digital Slay Layout”This is how YOU and Stone Masters together will create a template.Fine Art is created digitally

Sawn Cut Seam -Shown below (This is a typical competitor seam width quality)

CNC Seam-Shown below (This is a high tech seam but still not quite as tight as a Stone Masters Seam)

Stone Masters Seam-shown below (This is a very tight seam and these vary based upon the material not to tooling or process)

Below are some of the recent cabinet and stone work we have done in fall of 2013.

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