Corian vs Granite Countertops

Granite or Corian

Natural stone is beautiful. Corian, engineered stone, quartz and laminate all try to mimic the natural beauty of stone……..not even close! They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Natural stone can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be at all. With the right stone selection, and reasonable choices of edge and design it can be more cost effective than Corian, and most engineered stones.

Its beauty is timeless, rich and transcends the ages. The resale value of your investment can be more rewarding than the imitators and this is evidenced by the large numbers of Realtors that come here every day to spruce up a home to make it saleable.

Its durability is legendary. A home with natural stone accents is valued for its custom one of a kind attributes and recognized as not an off the shelf one size fits all approach to most products today.

The competitors will try to scare you with the scare tactic “You always have to seal it and maintain it with special products”

The reality is this.
Once a year you spray and wipe with “sealer” which is as difficult to apply as Windex. (not very!) Some stones never need to be resealed, ask if your stone choice is porous or dense and your stone supplier will advise you as to what and how to apply. Once-a-year, is a worst case scenario.

Corian is a synthetic and once very popular solid surface counter top material. Today it is used less and less and the company behind the product, “DuPont” has embraced competing products and is behind industry giants such as Home Depot in regards to the sealer treatment that they put on their granite to resist stains.

Home Depot vs. the small guy. Simple choice. Home depot is not really who is going to fabricate and install your granite even though you bought it from them. They sub-it out to the lowest cost bidder. Will the templator speak English? Will the installers be able to understand when you tell them that the stone is the wrong one? Will the salesmen even know the difference between one stone and another? Probably, not. Is their price really better then the small guy, again probably not. The square foot price may be better, but after the edge and removal of your existing counter and the fact that it is Home Depots policy to only make a template after the existing counter top has been removed. This leaves you without a kitchen sink or any counter-top at all for a few weeks. This is of no interest or concern to the Home Depot or Lowes.

Decide for yourself, synthetic or real, big box or small guy the choice is yours. Make an informed decision and look at all of your options before signing a contract for counter-tops to be fabricated for your home. Someday it will affect the price you get for your home or the appraisal.

Dan DiTomaso

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