DIY Soapstone Countertop Blanks

We have Brazilian DIY Soapstone Countertop Blanks. Each blank is pre-cut to 96″ x either 26″ or 25.5″.

           SOLD OUT!

Because these are DIY you can cut and fabricate them for your specific needs. All are softer, easy to work species of soapstone. Therefore, they can be cut and shaped with carbide woodworking tools. The variety is running low with only ab out 12 remaining from hundreds. Once they are gone, it could be some time before we get more later in 2021.

These are self pick-up, fabrication and installation.

Each counter-top blank is only $375 each + Tax

Youtube Video Link On How To DIY Soapstone:

Pick-up of DIY Soapstone Countertop Blanks are available from 9AM to 3PM Monday through Friday. Payment is cash, check or money order. And, credit cards are not accepted. Plus, you will need an open bed pick-up truck. These will not transport well if laid down in your SUV or car. As shown, stone must be transported on edge or it is likely to break. Transportation and fabrication is at your risk.

The available colors are Bininha, and Bateias.  Plus, matching soapstone sinks are are available.

All stone must be transported standing on edge, we provide these L frames for those customers who are DIY’ers! This photos shows a customer with 2 blanks in the back of their pick-up truck.

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