Slate Countertops

Stone Masters has black slate countertops from Brazil. Slate is non-porous, antibacterial, natural, beautiful and durable. slate is very stain resistant.

We have it in both a honed and a natural finish. The honed finish feels smooth to the touch and is black to dark gray in color with a hint of green only visible when wet, aged or oiled. The photos below show it in its natural un-oiled state, except for the last photo which is wet. The natural finish feels like a leathered finish with a bit more texture.

This can be oiled or aged to achieve a darker color which brings out a very light green hue. Slate countertops are hard and have a very low absorption rate. This means the porosity is very low, much lower than granite but not quite as low as soapstone (which is almost, if not completely, zero).

Slate is ideal for fireplaces and countertops and has been a traditional material for centuries which makes it ideal for historic renovations.

Close up photo of our black/gray slate, again unoiled in it’s raw state.

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