Granite Sale | Discount Rack

Granite Sale | Discount Rack

Granite Sale ! The stone pictured below is an AMAZING value. It is the most in demand color (White Ornamental) of 2021! From $1499 installed (Including a sink) for 30 square foot kitchen package is an amazing deal. Hurry and take advantage while Granite Sale supplies last. Click on the link for details about this promotion.

These reduced prices only apply to our in-stock stones.

No other discounts or promotion can apply.

This offer applies to NEW for retail consumers only!

Level 5 and higher 40 SF packages get free DSLO and

Round Ogee edge that is not included in level 4 or lower packages.

Why Discounted Granite Sale?

These specific lots of stone are being deeply discounted to make room for new incoming materials. They are not defective, seconds or blemished, they were simply discounted to make room. You WIN! We have hundreds of other colors to choose from both on site and off site. In fact, we have so many granite slab photos that we have to spread them out over 3 pages so that the pages load faster.

Granite Colors Starting With H through R

Check out even more granite slabs whose names start with H and run through R

Granite Colors Starting With S through Z

And Finally, this link will take you directly to the last page of granite whose names start with S and run trough Z.

Granite, Quartz and Quartzite| Inventory Clearance Sale | Orphan Slabs
Granite Sale

Blue Fantasy – Price Level 2

Granite Sale

Juparana Persa | Price Level 8 – Reduced to Price Level 6

Titanium Quartzite – Price Level 7

Pietra Cardosa Lime Stone SR0 – Price Level 5

Calacatta Botticana 8-5
Calacatta Botticana 8-5
Calacatta Oceana 8-6
Calacatta Oceana Normally a level 8, now this slab only reduced to a level 6
Pental Mysterio Reduced from Level 8 to 10 this slab only
Calacatta Verona QPC
Calacatta Verona Normally a level 10, now this slab only reduced to a QPC
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc, this one slab only reduced from level 10 to 8
Statuario Honed QPC
Statuario Honed Normally a level 6, now this slab only reduced to a QPC
Dreamy Marfil BY Caesarstone
Dreamy Marfil BY Caesarstone this slab only reduced to Level 6 from 11
Impanema this slab only reduced to Level 3 from 5
Lattice BY Pental
Lattice BY Pental, This slab only reduced to level 6 from 8
toasted Almond QPA
toasted Almond Normally a level 3, this slab only reduced to a QPA
Grace Bay Quartzite
Grace Bay Quartzite reduced from Level 12 to 10
Borghini D'Oror Quartz
Borghini D'Oror Quartz reduced to Level 8 from 10
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