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Why Stone Masters

Because Quality and Value Never go out of Style!

Design - Traffic patterns, task flow, radii, arches, edges, overhang and focal points are critical to achieve a functional yet beautiful kitchen design.

Selection- Stone Masters will help you select stone with minimal cracks, fissures and other blemishes that you may not even notice at the stone yard. We have over 90 colors and 400 slabs on site to choose from. Stone Masters has composite sinks from Blanco and Swanstone on display as well as custom made to order soapstone sinks. We offer Artisan stainless steel and private label stainless steel under-mount sinks in every style and configuration for you to feel and touch. We can help with sizing and selection to ensure that the sink you want, actually fits your cabinets. We carry Rohl, Grohe, Artisan, Luxart and others faucets, all are on display. This is not the low quality stuff you will find in homes centers. Hi-end and hi-value selections abound through out. If the faucet style you seek if retro, commercial spring, bridge, or modern and sleek we offer a wide range of price and all with elegance, value & convenience

Template - All of our jobs are digitally templated and "scribed" to fit your walls. We do not just square cut the counter top. Many competitors do, and you end up with gaps and excessive caulk where the counter meets the wall.

Material - All of our stone is first quality premium slabs with minimal fissures. Most species are resin treated. Be careful there is a lot of commercial grade material being offered as first quality.

Fabrication - We use a hi-resolution digital imaging system called Slabsmith for layout to achieve the best possible grain match and this is just the beginning. Waterjet and CNC cutting are essential for accurate shaping and profiling. Sink and cook top pieces are rodded both in front and behind the opening. We use threaded metal anchors embedded into the stone to be sure your sink stays in place long after we leave. All finished work is hand polished to assure an even and professional finish. See how counters are made.

Installation - Our installers use chemical biscuits at each seam. The seams are finished off with a state of the art "Gorilla Grips" vacuum seamer and pigmented epoxy for the least visible seam possible.

Convenience- We offer removal of existing counter tops, plumbing disconnect and reconnection. we offer tile back-splash design and installation to make your kitchen remodeling experience easier.

When your project requires more than these services, we can recommend hi-quality professional general contractors and design-build firms that have a proven track record and have earned hi-praise from past customers.

What to Look for when selecting slabs/fabricator

What to look for when selecting Granite slabs and/or your fabricator.

  • If the stone that you like has a lot of veins and movement look for evenly colored slabs from left to right and top to bottom. This allows for better color matching at seams!
  • Higher price level and higher quality slabs have a smooth resin finish on top of the stone. Feel the surface with your finger nail, especially the veins and fissures to ensure that the resin is smooth especially in those areas.
  • Slabs with mesh and resin on the back slabs are typical of high-end and fragile stones.This is important to maintain the structural integrity of the more exotic, colorful and fragile stones.
  • If your job requires multiple slabs, check that the slabs are sequential (They have numbers on the side). This allows for optimal color and grain matching, which especially important at seams.
  • Will your countertops be A Scribed fit or a Square Cut? A scribe cut counter will follow the walls irregular shape perfectly while a straight cut counter will be caulked or even worse, cut into the drywall allowing winters cold air enter the cabinets and your house. ASK FIRST!
  • Rods should be installed inside the stone in critical areas such as in front of and behind the sink cutout. Does your fabricator do this? ASK FIRST!

What to avoid when selecting slabs/fabricators.

What to avoid when selecting Granite slabs or fabricators.

  • Prices too good to be true. You already know the old adage. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. This industry is especially vulnerable due to most customers not knowing how to tell a good stone from a bad one.
  • Standard quality (2nd quality) slabs have flaws you may not even be able see, but can lead to cracking during or after installation. Mix and matched lots and kitchens pieced together from remnants is common practice to hold down costs at many fabrication shops.
  • Avoid, fabricators who make their templates with strips of plastic or wood. Demand digital accuracy. The difference in finished product fit is tremendous.
  • If you choose slabs that have veins and movement in the colors you would be crazy to allow a fabricator to cut your slabs without digital Slab Smith layout technology.