Sink Accessories

Soap Dispensers
Soap dispensers eliminate the mess and fuss and allow you to get just the right amount of soap with just one hand when you need it the most. Clean, convenient and easy to use soap dispensers have one draw back...everybody in the house uses them until they run empty. Never Ending Soap Kits It always seemed that I was the only person in the house to actually re-fill the soap dispenser and they the simplest and greatest thing happened. A discovery, an invention a miracle happened, someone invented the never ending soap kit (NESK). This simple devise is not much more than a hose, check valve and 4 appropriately sized screw on caps that converts almost any old soap dispenser into a never ending soap dispenser. I buy the gigantic size soap bottle and years go by between replacement. It’s clean, neat, easy to operate and simple to install, but boy does it save aggravation. Love it!

Grates are a necessary accessory for under mount stainless steel sinks. They prevent scratches and allow food waste to go where it belongs and not interfere with your trying to do the dishes. When it’s time just put the whole grate in the dishwasher and you are good to go again. A properly designed and sized grate will allow you easy access to the sinks strainer and allow you to service it without removing the grate! If you get the grate at the same time as the sink you can be assures of a perfect fit.


Strainers are not standard nor do they come with sinks. Many people are surprised that strainers are an accessory. The reason is that they come in different colors sizes and not all sinks take them. For example if you have a single bowl sink and have a garbage disposer then you do not need a strainer at all as that is actually going to be replaced with the garbage disposer mounting flange itself. Thick wall sinks such as composite or Soapstone sinks will require a wide gate strainer. Be sure to ask and select the correct strainer and quantity of strainers for your sink application.

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