After finalizing your stone choice, there are still some choices to make. We can help! There are decisions about the counter-tops shape, overhang and edge profile to be made. If your project calls for a sink and faucet, our designers can ensure that your sink fits your cabinetry and that your faucet selection compliments both your design and needs. Besides stainless steel we can offer you sink options from cast iron to glass to soapstone and every material and design option in between.

Sink Accessories

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Artisan Sinks

The sink is the focal point and the busiest spot in your kitchen. Nearly every meal begins and ends in its embrace. That's why you need a sink to be durable, practical, and stylish. With Artisan Kitchen Sinks, you can have it all. Most of the Artisan Collection is on display in our showroom.


Blanco Sinks

Where high-performance meets high-demand. European heritage, combined with a passion for innovation and unparalleled quality: BLANCO has proven that the sink is more than just a functional element in the kitchen. View more information, click here.


Swanstone Sinks

Swan granite composite sinks come in a variety of colors, sizes and models. To read more about what makes Swan sink are an ideal kitchen under mount sink, follow this Swan link. Granite composite sinks are very scratch, stain and chip resistant.  View more information, click here.

Soapstone Sinks

You specify the length, width, depth, and even the number of basins and we make the sink! 
View more information, click here.